Fr Peter lit the candles around the Shrine of Our Lady Star of the Sea for all the departed souls, Nov 2


Nov 2 2020

TANJUNG ARU – Nov 2 is always a day when family members would come together to pray for their loved ones who had been called home by the Lord.

All Souls Day this year was set in a different tone due to the Covid-19. Despite the SOP that keeps us from being together physically during this pandemic, we are spiritually united with our dearly departed at Holy Mass, which was celebrated by Fr Peter Abas.

Complying with the Government SOP, the celebration of the Feast of All Souls adapted to the new norm with an audio-recorded Mass which was uploaded to Stella Maris Parish official Facebook account.

The Gospel reminded us, the living, of who we are and how ready we are when our time comes, and recalled that the souls of our departed loved ones are still on their journey because death is not the end but only the beginning for souls returning to the Lord.

Being burdened with so many things, God assured us in the Gospel to come to Him for He would give us rest.

The preacher advised us to pause for a while and to reflect more, asking God for His help so that we could be a better and joyful servant of God.

Fr Peter acknowledged that despite the Covid-19, it should not stop the fire inside of us to serve, nor dampen our eagerness to build a closer relationship with God. We should continue to say ‘yes’ to God for His yoke is easy and burden is light.

We believe that our souls will return to our Father in heaven and so we must continue to be humble despite our status, whether rich or educated, urged Fr Peter.

The reading of St Paul to the Romans gave hope, which we most needed in this time of pandemic. “We questioned our faith at this time and asked why it is happening. We need to stop our grumble and leave everything in the hands of the Lord,” proposed Fr Peter.

He concluded with the hopeful note that we should rejoice and attest that “the Lord is our light and hope”.

Before Mass, all names of the departed were mentioned, and Fr Peter lit the candles around the Shrine of Our Lady Star of the Sea for all the departed souls after Mass.