By Vanessa Premala Patrick

March 25 2022

KUCHING – “Discernment is not choosing between good and bad but between good and better. It is all about hearing the Lord and responding to him. And it is making distinctions to understand the things that influence me.”

Fr Stanley Goh SJ in his talk, shared that it was not only about assisting pupils to get good results but also to mould them into becoming more loving. As teachers, it is important to remember that distinction. Teachers were reminded of their vocations and the importance of rest and prayer. They were advised to make decisions by following the Holy Spirit, to rely on God and turn to Him when deciding or when facing tension coming along their way.

The Sarawak Catholic Teachers’ Guild annual general meeting which was held at St Joseph’s Private School on 19 February 2022 was attended by 20 teachers from various schools around Kuching. After the election of the new committee, the session ended with a Mass presided by Fr Stanley.

 “Any authentic call ultimately comes from the voice of the teacher within, the voice that invites me to honour the nature of my true self.” – Parker Palmer; The Courage to Teach. -Today’s Catholic