Parish Community declaring their commitment


Feb 4 2022

TANJUNG ARU – This year’s Catechetical Sunday message brings to light the very fundamental of community, which is family.

Here in Stella Maris Parish, Catechetical Sunday started off with a recollection among the facilitators with the aim to understand the message and the theme “Family: A Path to Holiness”, so as to see how it can help in the issue of faith growth in children, and how it has unearthed more in depth during the pandemic.

Despite the effort of facilitating through the virtual world, first hand approach is still found to be the most effective. Hence, parents are the best mentor to children for obvious reasons that have been taken for granted.

In his homily, assistant parish priest Fr Peter Abas reminded us that love is the greatest force for us to serve God, and to serve one another as parents, facilitators and people of God.

The love for God is evident in the presence of the community at Mass, and that we are not volunteers when it comes to contributing to the church but as servers of God.

Both may sound similar but different in intentions, Fr Peter explained in spirit and in truth. “Love is the greatest virtue that picks us up when we feel down and comforts us when we feel unworthy. The reason we preserve is because of our love for God and knowing that His agape love is certain.”

The launching of this year’s Catechetical Sunday Jan 30 saw facilitators, catechumens, parents and the whole community renewing their promises at the commissioning held  before the Mass dismissal.