Rosary and Prayer during Pandemic, Peace and Stability in Sabah & Malaysia


To all Catholics in the Archdiocese of Kota Kinabalu
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

“You should be awake, and praying not to be put to the test. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” (Mat 26: 41).


These are words of the Lord himself to his three most beloved disciples, on the night he was betrayed, when his soul was most troubled as he prepared himself to enter into his passion for our salvation.

The whole world has been devastated and re-set by the COVID-19 pandemic. In our beloved state of Sabah, and our nation Malaysia, many people of good will, already distressed by the pandemic, are further troubled by the political upheaval and turmoil in the last months. They are confused, even scandalized by the extreme and polarized ways politicians have used to grab power; many are tempted to lose hope for a decent Malaysian future.

We need to pray. Pray for ourselves, our fellow countrymen, our politicians. Our flesh is weak.

To help us pray daily, personally, or together in the family whenever possible, even at fixed times, we have proposed a simple set of prayers (below) around the rosary. We may use it for as long as we need it. Remember, we always pray in the name of Jesus, in communion with all the angels and saints, and above all in the company of Mary the Mother of the Church.


Yours prayerfully,
Archbishop John Wong
17th August 2020


Rosary and Prayer for Pandemic, peace and stability in Sabah and Malaysia


Doa Rosari untuk Pandemik, Damai dan Kestabilan di Sabah dan Malaysia


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