Archbishop John Wong presided the Eucharistic Celebration to close the Year of St Joseph, Dec 7, at Sacred Heart Cathedral

By Linda Edward

Dec 9 2021

KOTA KINABALU – Kota Kinabalu prelate, Archbishop John Wong said it is good to continue reading the apostolic letter of Pope Francis ‘Patris Corde’ even when the Year of St Joseph has come to an end.

“’Patris Corde’, translated as ‘With a Father’s Heart’ is such an excellent and short spiritual reading. Continue to re-read it again and again to increase our devotion to St Joseph, even when the year is over,” said the prelate.

He said this at the Holy Mass to close the Year of St Joseph, which was also the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Dec 8, at the Sacred Heart Cathedral in which 320 faithful attended.

The Year of St Joseph began with the apostolic letter from Pope Francis on Dec 8, 2020.

Archbishop Wong said, “the Pope emphasized on the spiritual benefits of the imitation of a saint who characterized the joy of labour, open-heartedness to the will of God and a loving devotion to the dignity of fatherhood.

He said that St Joseph is our fatherly saint: “In light of all the other events going on in the world, we need a fatherly saint to follow or imitate and to intercede for the need in our challenging times.

“I believe that the spirit of St Joseph is still very strong for each of us in which we can live beyond the year.

The prelate said like Mary, with her “obedience and humility” to God, is “God’s loving choice”, St Joseph is also chosen by God and he also said ‘Yes’.

He assured the people that what God has done to Mary and Joseph, He desires also to do it to each person but the question is, the prelate said, “Do I believe that I am chosen, like Mary and Joseph, to be God’s beloved?”


Apostolic Letter of Pope Francis: Patris Corde