First reading Proverbs 8:22-31

Before the earth came into being, Wisdom was born

The Wisdom of God cries aloud:
The Lord created me when his purpose first unfolded,
  before the oldest of his works.
From everlasting I was firmly set,
  from the beginning, before earth came into being.
The deep was not, when I was born,
  there were no springs to gush with water.
Before the mountains were settled,
  before the hills, I came to birth;
before he made the earth, the countryside,
  or the first grains of the world’s dust.
When he fixed the heavens firm, I was there,
  when he drew a ring on the surface of the deep,
when he thickened the clouds above,
  when he fixed fast the springs of the deep,
when he assigned the sea its boundaries
 – and the waters will not invade the shore –
  when he laid down the foundations of the earth,
I was by his side, a master craftsman,
  delighting him day after day,
  ever at play in his presence,
at play everywhere in his world,
  delighting to be with the sons of men.

Responsorial Psalm 8:4-9

How great is your name, O Lord our God, through all the earth!
When I see the heavens, the work of your hands,
  the moon and the stars which you arranged,
what is man that you should keep him in mind,
  mortal man that you care for him?
Yet you have made him little less than a god;
  with glory and honour you crowned him,
gave him power over the works of your hand,
  put all things under his feet.
All of them, sheep and cattle,
  yes, even the savage beasts,
birds of the air, and fish
  that make their way through the waters.


Second reading Romans 5:1-5

The love of God has been poured into our hearts

Through our Lord Jesus Christ, by faith we are judged righteous and at peace with God, since it is by faith and through Jesus that we have entered this state of grace in which we can boast about looking forward to God’s glory. But that is not all we can boast about; we can boast about our sufferings. These sufferings bring patience, as we know, and patience brings perseverance, and perseverance brings hope, and this hope is not deceptive, because the love of God has been poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit which has been given us.

Gospel John 16:12-15

The Spirit of truth will lead you to the complete truth

Jesus said to his disciples:
‘I still have many things to say to you
but they would be too much for you now.
But when the Spirit of truth comes
he will lead you to the complete truth,
since he will not be speaking as from himself
but will say only what he has learnt;
and he will tell you of the things to come.
He will glorify me,
since all he tells you
will be taken from what is mine.
Everything the Father has is mine;
that is why I said:
All he tells you
will be taken from what is mine.

God is Trinity

“…when the Spirit of truth comes he will lead you to the complete truth”.
What is this “complete truth”? Or rather, the right question that we should
ask is, “Who is this “complete truth”? The truth that the Holy Sprit reveals
is not a thing or a fact, but a person, i.e. Jesus. Jesus is the truth who
leads us the way to the Father so that we can have life in all its fullness
(John 14:6). The Holy Spirit leads us to Jesus, and by having Jesus in
our lives, we enter into an intimate relationship with God the Father. The
question is whether we are open to allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us to
Jesus the Son and God the Father. As we celebrate the Feast of the
Holy Trinity, we rejoice in this mystery of God as a communion of three
persons, i.e. Father, Son and Holy Spirit, with whom we are called to
enter into a relationship of love.
Professing our faith in God as Trinity, we can no longer live individualistic
lives. Instead, we commit ourselves to creating communities of love in
the family, parish, society, etc.
Question for reflection:
What does it mean for me to profess my faith in the Trinity?
Acknowledgment: Reflections are based on “Prayer for Living: The Word of God for Daily Prayer Year C” by Sr Sandra Seow FMVD.