Archbishop Simon Poh lights first Advent candle…HOPE. (Photo: TodaysCatholic)

By Ivy Chai

Dec 2 2021

KUCHING — Last year, Kuching Archbishop Simon Poh launched an ‘ADVENT APPEAL’ aimed at alleviating poverty and suffering, as well as to bring some Christmas hope and joy to needy communities.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has badly affected our economy, creating a category of ‘the new poor’. The greatest impact has been on the poor, migrants, widows, elderly, women and children, especially in rural communities,” he had said.

Therefore, this year Archbishop Simon has decided to extend the same appeal for aid to these families as well as those in the urban community whose breadwinners had lost jobs or had to forego decent incomes, and migrants stuck in Kuching. The economic setback over the prolonged pandemic situation would have also depleted savings and any emergency funds of many families.

It has been a tradition over the years, to organise events and projects to collect gifts and donations for the urban poor and rural families. Because of the pandemic, all projects had been shelved for the past two years. Nevertheless, he would like to continue giving food provisions to each family.

“Like the Holy Family who had to travel afar and stayed in other towns, we remember our migrant brothers and sisters in Kuching who are currently unable to return to their home countries,” the Archbishop said.

Archbishop Simon Poh invites all Catholics and friends of goodwill to contribute to the ADVENT APPEAL throughout this month of December leading up to Christmas. “Let us do our bit to alleviate poverty and suffering and bring Christmas hope and joy with this Advent Appeal,” he added.

He also reiterated that rural parishes need financial assistance to pay catechists, sacristans and staff to enable parishes to continue serving the needs of our Catholics.

From 1-24 December 2021, those wishing to contribute to the ADVENT APPEAL Fund can do the following:

  • Donate to Archdiocesan e-Collections during Sunday live-streamed Masses.
  • Use Sarawak Pay QR Code or Bank-in to Hong Leong Bank Account (Please verify recipient).
  • Send your donation directly to Catholic Welfare Services Sarawak. – Today’s Catholic